This video is a (joke) answer to Kindle users, can your reader do this: Flappy bird on e-paper

Yes, I’m bad. You can try to do better on the live demo. You will need to print (or display on your favourite device) this tag. The demo needs to access your webcam via the getUserMedia/Stream API, which means it works only on Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It should work on their mobile versions though. Firefox has the best performances, thanks to the asm.js optimisations.

How does it work ?

When Chilitag number 8 (why 8? no idea) is detected, the bird flaps. If the tag was continuously detected, the bird would take off like a rocket, so users naturally make flapping movements with their hand. This has been observed in 100% of the users at the time of this writing (I was alone).

Why did you do that ?

It’s fun, and I needed an excuse to toy with chilitags.js.

OK fine, I also hope this will get someone interested in hiring me to do similarly fun stuff.


This demo is based on Heavy Bird. By based, I mean I only added a quick and dirty hack.


I posted this article on HackerNews, if you care to comment.